Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wtf, Sean Kingston?

We can go to the tropics
Sip piƱa coladas
Shorty I could take you there

*That sounds nice!*

Or we can go to the slums
Where killas get hung
Shorty I could take you there

*Umm.. Nah, the Pina colada thing sounds way better. Why would you take your girl to do dangerous shit like that?!*

You know I could take ya (I could take ya...)
I could take ya (I could take ya...)
Shorty I could take you there
You know I could take ya (I could take ya...)
I could take ya(I could take ya...)
Shorty I could take you there
*I get it; you could take her there.*

Shorty come with me it's no worry
I know the bad men them where they ah stay
Police fly pursuit in a hurry
This is no gun play

*Are you sure? Still sounds sorta sketchy..*

Don't be scared in a deh West Indies
It's Jamaica, that's where I'm from
Might see something you're not used to
Welcome to the slums
*Probably should have just stayed in tonight.. *

As long as you're with me
Baby you'll be alright
I'm known in the ghetto
Girl just stay by my side
Or we can leave the slums go to paradise

*Yeah, the fucking paradise option is much better. Why in the hell would anyone rather go to the slums?! shit, man.. *

Baby it's up to you,
It's whatever you like

* Maybe you should take her out on the jet ski? ............... Wait, nvm. My bad. Sorryyyyyyyy. *

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 NFL Preview

The 2011 NFL season is upon us, with the Saints kicking things off later tonight against the defending Super Bowl champion Packers.. So I decided that it's time to break out of my year-long sabbatical from blogging. Ironically, the last thing I wrote was a preview for the 2010 season.. A preview where I correctly picked the Super Bowl champs. How about 2-for-2?

NFC North                                                                             

1. Green Bay Packers                                                            
2. Detroit Lions                                                                
3. Chicago Bears
4. Minnesota Vikings

NFC East

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Dallas Cowboys
3. New York Giants
4. Washington Redskins

NFC South

1. New Orleans Saints
2. Atlanta Falcons
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4. Carolina Panthers

NFC West

1. Arizona Cardinals
2. St. Louis Rams
3. Seattle Seahawks
4. San Francisco 49ers

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. Cleveland Browns
4. Cincinnati Bengals

AFC East

1. New England Patriots
2. New York Jets
3. Miami Dolphins
4. Buffalo Bills

AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts
2. Houston Texans
3. Tennessee Titans
4. Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC West

1. San Diego Chargers
2. Denver Broncos
3. Kansas City Chiefs
4. Oakland Raiders

Wildcard teams - Lions, Cowboys (NFC)  Jets, Ravens (AFC)

Super Bowl - Lions vs Patriots (Lions win)

If that feels like a homer pick just cuz I'm a Lions fan.. It completely is. Can the Lions HONESTLY compete for a playoff spot and go all the way this year? I have lingering doubts.. But those doubts are pushed away by thoughts of a healthy Matthew Stafford tossing long TD after long TD to Calvin Johnson and Suh ripping apart every QB he faces. Let's run down the list!

32. Cincinnati Bengals

Carson Palmer decided to retire rather than stick around here.. Ochocinco is gone to the Pats, Terrell Owens is out of the league (for now).. Who do they have left? A rookie QB in Andy Dalton, no established wideouts for him to throw to, and a RB in Cedric Benson that is aging and probably doesn't have much tread on the tires. They'd better hope their defense is reeeeeeally strong, because that's the only way they'll manage more than three or four wins.

31. Carolina Panthers

This team managed a 2-14 record last year, and were rewarded with the number one pick in the draft.. Which they used on Cam Newton. He definitely has some potential, but he seems like a pretty raw and unpolished prospect that won't be the answer for this year. Look for the Panthers to stay a little healthier than last year, but don't expect their win total to go higher than 4.

30. San Francisco 49ers

Several new starters on defense, the Alex Smith experiment (for seemingly the 15th straight year), a star running back made of glass (Frank Gore).. Even playing in the worst division in football can't save this mess of a team.

29. Buffalo Bills

This is another perennial under-achiever without a lot of depth at any of the skill positions. Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, Stevie Johnson, and Ryan Fitzpatrick will help this team to put up a few points, but their defense isn't strong enough to keep them in most games.

28. Cleveland Browns

Peyton Hillis somehow made the cover of Madden 12 over WAY more deserving players like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Arian Foster.. The list goes on and on. As Hillis wears down and succumbs to the Madden curse, Browns fans will realize that the video game cover was the highlight of another losing season. A lack of depth and stars will leave this team near the bottom of the AFC North once again.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

Releasing your starting QB days before the start of the season isn't usually a solid way to burst out of the gate. By dumping David Garrard, the Jags are hoping for a spark that their weak roster (aside from Maurice Jones Drew) just isn't capable of providing. This year is their best chance at winning an AFC South that is clearly in flux with Peyton Manning's neck issues, but the Jags just don't have the firepower to get it done.

26. Oakland Raiders

6-0 against the AFC West, 2-8 against everyone else.. Their good luck within the division certainly won't hold up without their franchise player (Asomugha, who defected to Philly) on defense and a weaker offense. Even if they manage a .500 record within the division (highly doubtful), their schedule isn't kind enough to allow them more than 5 or 6 wins tops.

25. Washington Redskins

They play in the always-tough NFC East, and their starting QB is Rex Grossman. Do I need to say anything else?

24. Seattle Seahawks

This team might have shockingly won a playoff game last season, but that was with a legitimate NFL QB at the helm.. The 2011 Seahawks are starting Tavaris Jackson at QB and praying for things to work out. By the end of this year, Pete Carroll will be wishing he was back at USC, paying the players and living the good life.. At least THERE, he won when he paid his guys.

23. Tennessee Titans

They remind me a lot of the Chiefs, right down to the speedy star running back and frisky defense.. But the Chiefs have a young QB with potential in Matt Cassell and a Pro Bowl-caliber wideout in Dwayne Bowe. The Titans have an aging Matt Hasselbeck calling the shots and no star WR's to speak of, so I can't justify throwing them higher in the standings than KC. That being said...

22. Kansas City Chiefs

...The Chiefs aren't good enough to be more than one spot higher than the Titans. They benefited from a down year for the AFC West, and aren't facing nearly as easy of a schedule since they were the division winners last year. I definitely see a sizeable drop-off from the 10 wins they managed a year ago.

21. Miami Dolphins

Reggie Bush is the starting RB.. The same Reggie Bush that fizzled out in New Orleans and has proven year after year that he can't handle the workload of a starting RB. And starting QB Chad Henne isn't exactly lighting the world on fire. Add in a tough division with four games against the Pats and Jets combined, and the Fins are lucky to reach 6 wins.

20. Minnesota Vikings

Donovan McNabb wasn't the answer last year for the Washington Redskins (the same team currently starting Rex Grossman).. So explain to me how he's the answer here? Seriously. This is a team that lost their deep threat at WR (Sidney Rice bolted for Seattle), so teams can expect 30 carries a game from Adrian Peterson knowing that he's the only option on offense. Even stacking the box, teams can't hope to fully contain AP.. That's the only reason the Vikings aren't lower on this list.

19. Chicago Bears

Jay Cuntler (that wasn't a typo) earned himself a bad rep by quitting on his team when he was needed most, regardless of how badly his knee was actually injured. Oh, and by pussying out and whining his way out of Denver.. Acting like a dick to everyone in the media.. Being hated by everyone aside from his own teammates.. The list goes on. Oh, and he'll be running for his life and getting sacked more than ever in the brutally tough NFC North. The Bears were one of the luckiest teams I've seen in a long time last season, starting with that week 1 win over Detroit on the disputed Calvin Johnson "drop".. I don't expect that to continue.

18. St Louis Rams

The Rams were a surprise team last year, with Sam Bradford exceeding expectations and the defense playing relatively well. Still, they played in the weakest division possibly EVER and managed to lose out on a playoff spot to the Seahawks. So even with a steady improvement from Sam Bradford and a year of full health from Stephen Jackson, the Rams still aren't good enough to do serious damage within the NFL landscape.

17. Arizona Cardinals

Do we really have to award a playoff spot to this division? Ugh. The Cards have Larry Fitzgerald and a QB in Kevin Kolb that can actually get him the ball.. In this weak division, that's probably enough. Who cares if the starting RB is Beanie Wells, or that they lost Steve Breaston and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, or that the defense isn't particularly strong.. I see this team finding ways to win and managing first in the West.

16. Denver Broncos

The Josh McDaniels era wasn't kind to this Broncos franchise whatsoever.. Almost all of his draft picks have already departed, and the saga between the franchise and McD's guy (Tebow) has been ridiculous this offseason. In a matter of weeks, it went from Tebow being the starter and Orton *almost* traded to the Dolphins, to Tebow looking decent in the preseason matchups and suddenly plummeting to 3rd on the depth chart below Orton AND Brady Quinn. It's hard to say for sure what is going on with the Denver front office and coaching staff.. But even with all that being said, the Broncos have a healthy Elvis Dumervil, a possible rookie of the year in Von Miller, and enough pieces on offense to make a run at playoff contention.

15. New York Giants
 The Giants have the look of a middle of the pack team, and there are two teams ahead of them within their own division. The offense has the potential to put up points with Manning, Nicks, Manningham, and Ahmad Bradshaw.. But the defense seems to be on the down-side. Umenyora being out for awhile doesn't help.

14. Tampa Bay Bucs

Poor Bucs.. They have a rising young star in Josh Freeman, a decent core of young receivers, a tackle-breaking machine at RB, and a solid D.. But they play in a strong division with two contenders ahead of them and lack the ability to surpass either one this season. The young Bucs will have their time, but not this season.

13.  Houston Texans

Arian Foster has a hamstring issue coming into the season, but assuming that he returns to full health, the Texans have an explosive offense that is a force to be reckoned with. Their defense was atrocious last year, but they've made an effort to add a few pieces in the offseason and look to be a little more solid. This team seems like it's destined for 8-8 every year, but perhaps with Peyton Manning's neck issues they can finally vault into a playoff spot?

12. Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning's neck. Peyton Manning's neck. Peyton Manning's neck. It's become the new go-to topic of conversation on Sportscenter and Twitter, replacing all the Favre talk (for the moment, at least). All we know right now is that Peyton isn't healthy enough to play in week one, and possibly beyond that. That being said, Kerry Collins has enough veteran know-how to keep this team afloat until Manning recovers enough to slide back into his starting spot and make his usual run to the playoffs. (I'm assuming that Manning recovers and is at full strength by midseason; if that isn't the case, flip the Colts with the Texans and give Houston the division title.)

11. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan proved last year that he can lead this team into the playoffs, and with a talented young weapon like Roddy White, he'll be capable of doing so year after year. This season won't be one of those years, unfortunately for Atlanta fans. I think Drew Brees has enough for one last hurrah, and the wildcard spots are going to be locked up by the Lions and Cowboys.. Better luck next year, Falcons!

10. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys struggled mightily and finished below .500 last season, but with a healthy Tony Romo at the helm Dallas has more than enough firepower to claim a wildcard berth. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are an intimidating duo at WR, and Felix Jones seems poised for a breakout season. The Eagles are the better team as of right now, but they're just one Michael Vick injury away from coughing up the division to a rising Cowboys squad.

09. Baltimore Ravens

Ray Rice disappointed a lot of fantasy owners last season with a slow start.. But with Willis McGahee gone and Pro Bowl FB Vonta Leach (formerly of the Texans) now blocking for him, Rice could break out for a spectacular season. QB Joe Flacco has Anquan Boldin and Lee Evans to air the ball out to, and the defense always finds ways to be strong no matter what.. The Ravens will be back in the playoffs as usual.

08. New York Jets

They didn't pick up Asomugha like they wanted, but the Jets still have a top-flight defense and know how to win football games. Rex Ryan is a weirdo, but the guy knows how to motivate his team.. Mark Sanchez isn't a very QB, and I don't know how he's still starting for a playoff-caliber team.. Their RB situation isn't great.. And they're going to rely on a 34 year-old WR recently released from jail a lot more than they probably should.. Wait, why am I picking this team to finish so high? I wish I knew. On paper, other teams seem better.. I guess this team knows how to do just enough to sneak into the playoff picture.

07. San Diego Chargers

I hate putting the Bolts this high.. It's just inevitable that with a healthy season from Phil Rivers combined with a full season from Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd means a TON of points. Two solid RB's in Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert.. And a defense that always seems to bend but not break. Personally, I'd love to see them miss the playoffs again.. But there is no way they don't beat the Raiders and Chiefs multiple times.

06. Detroit Lions

Yeah, I should probably have my Super Bowl pick higher than 6th.. But I see them making a run in the playoffs, not completely dominating the league for the entire season. The Lions have the most dominating D-line in the game, led by the best DT in the game (Ndamukong Suh). The linebacking corps are completely revamped, led by tackling machine Stephen Tulloch.. And the cornerback/safety situation is more stable than it's been in years. The massive amount of pressure the line will put on opposing QB's will lead to several turnovers and rushed plays, and turnovers lead to victories in the NFL. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the offense. I'll throw out the typical "if Matthew Stafford stays healthy" line for you: If Stafford stays healthy, he has an ass-load of weapons at WR, TE, and even RB with the newly signed Jerome Harrison and Keiland Williams. Pro Bowl wideout Calvin Johnson is a machine that catches everything thrown his way, so Stafford will always have a big target down the field no matter what.. I see this team putting the fear of God into every team they face, managing 10 to 11 wins and a wildcard spot, and then going on a magical playoff run and riding the wave of momentum and years of frustration into a championship!

05. New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints have a huge test to open the season, playing tonight against the Super Bowl champion Packers in Lambeau.. Regardless of if they can come out on top or not, the Saints have a ton of talent on offense (Colston, Henderson, Moore, Ingram, Thomas) and a solid defense. Brees won it all two years ago, and he definitely still has the skills to lead the Saints to another division title and playoff berth.

04. Philadelphia Eagles

The 'Dream Team' (as new backup QB Vince Young called his Eagles) has a massive amount of talent on both sides of the ball. Their offense is led by fantasy football god Michael Vick, and they have speedsters LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson to wreak havoc on opposing defenses.. The defense will be almost impossible to throw on with Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie at CB.. All-in-all, this team is stacked and will be capable of winning almost every week provided that they stay healthy. That's no given, considering how much abuse Vick takes every game.

03. Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben, Mike Wallace, a workhorse RB in Mendenhall, and the most imposing defense in football.. They pretty much have the AFC North and a deep playoff run locked up before they even take a snap this season. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that most of the starters on their vaunted defense are over 30 and looking at the downside of their careers.. Roethlisberger has to have a win-now mentality, because this team might only have a season or two left with this core of guys.

02. New England Patriots

League MVP Tom Brady will look as sharp as ever with new WR Chad Ochocinco providing yet another high-profile target.. Albert Haynesworth has been a headache everywhere he's gone, but Belichick has a habit of getting the best out of "problem" guys. Moss had a career year here playing for him, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the same from Haynesworth. The offense will pile up points, and the defense will piece together it's usual no-name group that stops everyone when it counts. Another Super Bowl appearance for the Pats seems well within the realm of possibility for this season..

01. Green Bay Packers

They're the defending Super Bowl champs and didn't lose any key pieces.. Oh, and they're getting Pro Bowl-caliber TE Jermichael Finley back from injury. So add another weapon to QB Aaron Rodgers already-lethal arsenal, and the Pack are primed for a deep playoff run yet again.. Until they're stopped in their tracks by the Lions, that is!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahaha...

And that's it. Agree? Disagree? Comments? Tell me what you think!

Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 NFL Preview

The 2010 NFL season is upon us, and there are a ton of subplots to catch our interest.. Favre is back in Minnesota, McNabb (along with Shannahan and Haynesworth) in Washington, the Saints defending their championship, Tebow in Denver.. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Let's get the predictions out of the way, and then I'll talk a little about each team..

NFC North                                                                              

1. Green Bay Packers                                                             
2. Minnesota Vikings                                                                 
3. Detroit Lions
4. Chicago Bears

NFC East

1. New York Giants
2. Dallas Cowboys
3. Washington Redskins
4. Philadelphia Eagles

NFC South

1. New Orleans Saints
2. Atlanta Falcons
3. Carolina Panthers
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. Arizona Cardinals
4. St. Louis Rams

AFC North

1. Baltimore Ravens
2. Cincinatti Bengals
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Cleveland Browns

AFC East

1. New England Patriots
2. New York Jets
3. Miami Dolphins
4. Buffalo Bills

AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts
2. Houston Texans
3. Tennessee Titans
4. Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos
2. San Diego Chargers
3. Kansas City Chiefs
4. Oakland Raiders

Wildcard teams - Vikings, Cowboys (NFC)  Jets, Texans (AFC)

Super Bowl - Packers vs Colts (Packers win)

God, I hate predicting the Packers to win anything.. Anywayssss, I'll talk about the teams from worst to first!  Ready?

32. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are just not good.. There's no other way to put it.  Crappy QB's, bad offensive line, no receivers.. Even if the defense is half-way decent, there's no way this team is anything other than last place.  Maybe if Spiller gives them something at RB they'll at least have potential for the future!

31. Tampa Bay Bucs

No game-breakers on offense whatsoever, and an in-experienced head coach and QB.. This team has 2-14 written all over them.

30. Jacksonville Jags

Garrard doesn't have any experienced options at receiver, and he's not all that good at hitting his targets even if he did.  The entire offense hinges on Maurice Jones-Drew, and he can't be expected to run for 100 yards and a couple scores every game.  They're lucky if they get more than 4 wins..

29. St. Louis Rams

They were the worst team in the NFL a season ago, and they haven't really improved anywhere except at QB.  Top pick Sam Bradford will suffer thru the usual growing pains of a 1st NFL season, but he should give them much more than what they got from the QB position last year!  Stephen Jackson is a Pro Bowl-caliber back when healthy, so expect the Rams to overcome their lack of receivers (can you name a single receiver they have?) to win at least a couple more games than they managed last season.

28. Cleveland Browns

What's the answer for a team with years of QB issues?  Washed up former Panthers QB Jake Delhomme, of course!  Yes, the same Jake Delhomme that tossed only 8 TD's and 18 picks last year and, at 35, doesn't look like he has anything left in the tank.  What in the hell is the Browns front office thinking?  I mean, come on.. They have potential at running back and offensive line, but they aren't strong enough anywhere else to get out of last place.

27. Oakland Raiders

They're the Raiders, and Al Davis is still alive (probably).  Do I need to say anything else?

26. Carolina Panthers

Matt Moore doesn't have the experience to lead this team back to the playoffs, even with their strong RB tandem of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams.

25. Arizona Cardinals

The Leinart/Derek Anderson combo at QB isn't going to work (Leinart is being shopped as I write this, and Anderson doesn't have starting QB talent), and the loss of Anquan Boldin will hurt more than they realize.  Larry Fitzgerald can expect to see double and triple teams without the threat of Boldin out there, and Beanie Wells won't find as many open running lanes without Kurt Warner and the formerly feared passing game.

24. San Francisco 49ers

Alex Smith is in a make-or-break season; he's had more than enough time to prove himself to be a competent NFL starter and hasn't performed at a level consistent with his top draft pick status.  If he can be even a middle-of-the-pack kind of starter, the Niners could win 8 or 9 games.. If he isn't (as I suspect he won't be), then they'll be lucky to get to 6 wins (great defense or not).

23. Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler is an INT-machine, and Mike Martz's complicated offensive schemes won't do anything to change that.  Sure, maybe he was unlucky with the picks last year and might throw a few less, but Cutler always manages to make the wrong decisions under pressure.  With their aging defense and another no-show performance from Matt Forte, the Bears could easily slide to last place in the talented NFC North.

22. Kansas City Chiefs

With talented RB Jamaal Charles and Matt Cassel in his second year with the Chiefs coaching staff, KC is set for a surprising season.. If everything breaks right with their shaky defense, they could manage seven or more victories in the weak AFC West.

21. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have talent on offense and defense, but QB Chad Henne might not be ready to lead a playoff run in his second season as the starter.  With the loaded Pats and Jets in their division, it looks like the Fins have 3rd place in their future..

20. Tennessee Titans

They have arguably the best player in the game in Chris Johnson, and Vince Young has the ability to make plays with his arm and legs from the QB position.  Is it enough in a division with Peyton Manning and the ever-improving Texans?  Probably not.

19. Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll brings in a winning attitude from his years at USC, and this isn't much of a change for him (considering the players in the NFL get paid about as much as his players on the Trojans probably did).. Can he win in the NFL, tho?  He didn't prove much in his last NFL job with the Pats.. But he's running a team in the weakest division in the NFL, so it won't take much for the Seahawks to make a playoff appearance in his first year at the helm.. Assuming Hasselbeck stays healthy!!

18. Detroit Lions

It's EXTREMELY hard for me to resist the urge to rank them higher.. As a lifelong Lions fan, they seem to have more potential than any other year that I've followed them!  Stafford is coming into his own as an NFL starter, they have one of the top wideouts in the league (Calvin Johnson), they have an electrifying rookie RB in Jahvid Best.. Even the defense has markedly improved, with the exception of the cornerbacks.. I want to say they'll win 9 or 10 games, but 7 or 8 is probably a little more realistic in the tough NFC North.

17. Philadelphia Eagles

They're in the toughest division in football (possibly in all of sports), and they're without longtime starting QB Donovan McNabb (who they traded to one of their divisional rivals, the Redskins!).. Kevin Kolb hasn't proven himself as an NFL starter yet, and I'm betting they'll miss McNabb's experience in certain key moments.  As good and consistent as the Eagles have been over the years, they don't seem like a good playoff bet this season.

16. San Diego Chargers

They're reign atop the AFC West seems like it's coming to an end, especially without hold-out WR Vincent Jackson to catch Phillip Rivers deep passes.. They have an untested (although promising) rookie starting at RB and replacing a San Diego legend in LaDainian Tomlinson, and Norv Turner has proven that he's a great offensive coordinator.. But not a great coach.  If there was ever a time for a Chargers drop-off, this is it!

15. Cincinnati Bengals

Carson Palmer is getting a lot of credit as a top QB, but I haven't seen him put up top-QB numbers in years!  Just because he has an aging T.O. and the ever-flamboyant OchoCinco, there is no reason to think he'll have a pro-bowl caliber season.  Personally, I think he's washed up.  If the Bengals challenge for a playoff spot, it'll have a lot more to do with Cedric Benson and the defense than Carson Palmer and the WR's.

14. Denver Broncos

Tebow-mania is sweeping the NFL!  His jersey is already the top selling jersey in the ENTIRE league, and he has yet to take a regular season snap!  Still, Kyle Orton is the clear-cut starter in Denver (as over-looked as he may be by the rest of the NFL).  With a rash of injuries and the loss of pro-bowl wideout Brandon Marshall, a run to the playoffs might seem far-fetched for this Broncos team.  But with a weakened division and another strong season from Orton, I believe they can topple the Bolts and take 1st in the AFC West!

13. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan took a step back in his second NFL season, as did the entire Atlanta Falcons team.. But with a few less injuries and a strong performance from their defense, the Falcons should be right on the cusp of a playoff berth in the NFC.  WR Roddy White is poised for a break-out season..

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

Without Big Ben for at least four weeks, the Steelers have their work cut out for them early in the season.. Still, they should expect to be contending by the end of the season as long as Troy Polamalu and the defense have a strong year.  The loss of Santonio Holmes might hurt more than they realize, tho..

11. Washington Redskins

Mike Shannahan and Donovan McNabb should make a huge difference on a Redskins team that stumbled to a 4th place finish in the NFC East last season.. Their veteran leadership, along with a strong performance from Albert pay-me-my-money-and then-I'll-see-you-in-week-1 Haynesworth and the defense, should lead to at least 9 wins even in a tough division.

10. Houston Texans

Every year, the Texans are a sleeper playoff pick.. And every year they don't make it.  That still hasn't dissuaded me from picking them to go this year!  Matt Schaub is a fantasy stud, and he has arguably the best wideout in football (Andre Johnson) to throw to.. Not to mention that RB Arian Foster is a beast and seems like a lock to be a 1000-yard rusher.  Add in Steve Slaton as a shifty, change of pace back and a decent defense, and the Texans have all the makings of a 10-win team!

09. Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo will throw for a ton of yards and TD's, Miles Austin and the receivers should all play well, and even Felix Jones and Marion Barber are pretty dependable at RB.. The defense is strong on the line and in the secondary.. So why don't I feel comfortable in them being good?  I don't know why, but I just don't think they'll be as good as many observers expect.

08. New York Jets

The Jets have a loaded defense; one that could potentially be the best in the NFL.  If their offense was explosive enough to be top-10 in the league, they'd be odds-on Super Bowl favorites!  But the fact is, the offense simply isn't that good.  A good offense is only as good as their QB, and second year quarterback Mark Sanchez isn't very good at all.  In fact, I think he's one of the worst starting QB's in the NFL and won't be a starter at this time next year!  He's just expected to be a 'game-manager' in New York, similar to Trent Dilfer when the Ravens won the Super Bowl.. I just don't think he's going to be good enough to lead the Jets to a championship.

07. Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre.  Brett Favre.  Brett Favre.  BRETT #%$-ing FAVRE!!!!!!  What else needs to be said??  Well, a couple things.. Favre can't reasonably expect to have a season statistically like the one he enjoyed last year.. He's a year older and playing on a balky ankle, and he's without his top WR (Sidney Rice) for at least the first half of the season.  If Adrian Peterson can't put some velcro on his butterfingers and the defense isn't strong against the pass, the Vikings can't expect a return to the NFC title game.

06. New York Giants

Eli Manning might be the OTHER Manning, but he has lead the Giants to a championship and has proven that he has the leadership ability to succeed in the NFL.. Assuming that the defense is strong (as it customarily is), the Giants have the firepower on offense to win the NFC East.  The offensive line is key; former pro-bowler Shawn Andrews (also a former Eagle) is looking to regain his form and help lead the Giants back into the postseason.

05. New England Patriots

Tom Brady and his new Justin Bieber haircut are ready to take the AFC by storm this season.. This will be his second year back since his knee surgery, and typically a player won't regain their form until the second season after such a serious knee surgery and recovery.  A complete lack of a running game and a questionable defense aren't enough to concern Pats fans; Brady alone is worth 7 or 8 wins.  All they need to do is have the defense steal a few games and they're 11-5!

04. Baltimore Ravens

QB Joe Flacco is on the spot this season; he has an extremely talented running game to work with, headlined by Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.. He has WR Anquan Boldin as a shiny new target to throw to.. And he has that patented Ravens D behind him to bring the toughness and force turnovers.  Sure, the secondary is questionable, but anything less than 12 wins would be a letdown for this talented Baltimore squad.

03. New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees took away Peyton Manning's title as the best QB in football when he beat him in the Super Bowl this past February.. Many would argue (as would I) that Manning is still the superior QB, but Brees has talent all around him on offense and one of the best offensive minds in the game in Sean Payton as the head coach.  As long as the defense can be solid and keep the score manageable, Brees can keep the Saints in any game.  Most teams have a let-down after winning a championship, but the Saints have too much talent to fall out of the playoff picture.

02. Indianapolis Colts

These guys are absolute robots; you can just pencil them in right now for 13 wins and the AFC title game.. Why not?  Peyton Manning is the best of the best, and he has weapons offensively (Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez, Joseph Addai, etc.).. Even with a mediocre defensive season, Manning can just plain outscore teams.  This Colts team will always be near the top of the NFL as long as Peyton is playing! 

01. Green Bay Packers

As a Lions fan, I HATE to put the Packers in this top spot.  Hate it.  Vehemently.  But it can't be helped.. Aaron Rodgers had a breakout year last season, and put everyone on notice that he is one of the best in the NFL.  Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and Jermichael Finley are reliable targets for him to throw to.. And although they've suffered some injuries in the secondary, the defense is one of the best in the NFL.  The Pack are stacked from top to bottom, and I think this is the year Rodgers leads them to their first post-Favre championship.


Sooo, that's my thoughts on the upcoming NFL season!  I can't wait to see how everything pans out by the end of the year.. In closing, GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope that you prove me wrong and sneak into the playoffs!!!!!!!!!  No, I don't think it's asking too much that a team that's lost 37 of 40 will be in the playoffs!  So THERE! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hard-Luck Tigers

In my last blog-post, I made the point that if teams were smart, they'd start walking Miguel Cabrera in almost every meaningful at-bat.. I kinda regret it now, on the off-chance someone read it and told this to the Rays front office.  Why?  Because of course, the Rays employed this strategy on several occasions during their 4-game series with the Tigers.  Cabrera was put on base intentionally in 3 consecutive games and struggling Brennan Boesch (why he hasn't been sent to the minors for a couple weeks to try and regain his confidence I'll never know) was dared to do something about it; he didn't come thru in ANY of those situations.  The Tigers were swept in that series and lost 2 of 3 to the Red Sox (the last two with heartbreaking walk-off hits), dropping them wayyyyy behind the division-leading White Sox and 2nd place Twins.

After splitting a day-night doubleheader with the White Sox on Tuesday, the Tigers have fallen to 53-53, 7 back of the White Sox and Twins.  I'm beginning to think that the Tigers were cursed during the All-Star break or something!  Look at the facts.. Starters Brandon Inge, Magglio Ordonez, and Carlos Guillen along with reliever Joel Zumaya have all missed extended time with injury (Inge and Guillen are due back soon, while Ordonez and Zumaya are likely gone for the season).. The Tigers have been in a 5-15 skid, while their division rival White Sox and Twins have been winning (they're 11-8 and 13-6 respectively since the break).. If the Tigers can't break out of this funk SOON, their postseason chances will disappear completely. 


News and Notes

* Trade-deadline acquisition Jhonny Peralta smashed a home run in his first at-bat as a Tiger in a win over the Red Sox on Friday; he followed that up with a homer in his second AB, making him the first player in Tigers history to hit a home run in each of his first two AB's with the team.

* Terrell Owens officially signed with the Bengals, giving them a second Vh1 reality star.  I wouldn't be surprised if they brought in Flavor Flav to play safety, Hulk Hogan to play fullback, and Dr. Drew as the new punter..

* DT Ndamukong Suh finally agreed to a contract with the Detroit Lions; it's a five-year deal with $40 million in guaranteed money (not as ridiculous as the $50 million guaranteed to Sam Bradford, but still pretty ludicrous for an unproven player).. Maybe his presence on the defensive line will guarantee them 4 wins instead of 2!

*  Shaq is supposedly close to an agreement to sign with the Boston Celtics.. After the addition of a washed-up Jermaine O'Neal, this will officially make them the all-dead-body all-stars!  This is how they plan on keeping up with the Heat, Magic and Bulls?  I don't understand the logic here.. Their starters average age is already the oldest in the NBA, so add a couple of washed-up big-men to man the middle?  I see the Celts finishing no higher than 4th in the East next season.

*  A-Roid still is looking for his 600th career homer!  Seems like we've been waiting a loooong time for it.. Did he miss a shipment of the juice?  The Yanks clubhouse attendant had better get on that..

*  Brett Favre reportedly notified the Vikings on Tuesday that he's planning to retire.. I would have mentioned this at the beginning of the blog, if I actually believed it for even A SINGLE SECOND.  But of course, we all know about Favre's tendency to waffle back and forth before deciding to come back.. You know he just doesn't want to go thru the rigors of training camp.  When the Vikings open the regular season, I have no doubt that he'll be under center.

*  Albert Haynesworth is not worth his MASSIVE contract.. He's failed a relatively simple fitness test for almost a week straight now, and I watched a 47-year-old Mike Golic pass the same test yesterday on ESPN.  What excuse is there for Haynesworth?  Ohhh, his poor widdle knee hurts?  Get over it, big man!  You're getting paid a bajillion freaking dollars and you've tried to hold-out for a trade cuz you don't like their new system!!  Kudos to Mike Shannahan for taking a stand on Haynesworth; I can guarantee it's gaining him a lot of respect from his players.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Garza holds Tigers Hitless

Rays pitcher Matt Garza baffled the short-handed Detroit Tigers in a 5-0 Tampa victory on Monday night, holding them to only one walk and facing the minimum 27 batters in a masterful performance.  The no-hitter was the first in Rays history; they've only been around since 1998, but still a pretty impressive feat.  Only the Mets (around since 1962) and the Padres (since 1969) are without no-hitters in their franchise histories. 

To me, it doesn't come as a surprise that the Tigers were held hitless by Garza.  Without half of the teams starters and with FIVE rookies in the lineup, I'd be amazed if the Tigers can do anything offensively for the next few weeks (unless they deal for some offense).  Considering the struggles rookie Brennan Boesch has gone through recently, there is really no one in the offense that scares anyone other than Miguel Cabrera.  If I were an opposing coach, I'd intentionally walk Cabrera every single at-bat and dare the other guys to beat me; the fact that other teams aren't doing this so far is very surprising to me.

Looking at the standings, the Tigers fell another game back of the Twins (who demolished the Royals 19-1 Monday night) and the White Sox (6-1 winners over the Mariners).. Without a big deadline deal or some bigger contributions from certain players such as Ryan Raburn and Johnny Damon, the Tigers are going to be on the outside looking in when the postseason rolls around.


In other news..

* Detroit pitcher Max Scherzer was tremendous in holding the Rays hitless until the 6th inning Monday night and striking out 8 batters.. He's emerged as a solid number 2 starter behind Justin Verlander.

* Dan Haren lost his first start as an Angel, and had to leave the game with a forearm injury; apparently it's nothing serious, but he might miss his next start as a precaution.

* A-Roid is still in search of his 600th career homer after going homerless in Monday night's 3-2 Yankees win over the Indians.  (no, that wasn't a typo.  lol)

* The Rams apparently have pulled out of the T.O. sweepstakes, leaving the Bengals and... The Bengals in competition for his services.  Ochocinco and Carson Palmer are lobbying for his services, so they might bring him in and get something from the mercurial wideout if the price is right.  And of course, things would be a lot easier on Vh1 if both Ochocinco and T.O. were on the same team!  Imagine the marketing opportunities! 

* Is there a more hated man in Tennessee than Lane Kiffin right now?  First he ditches the Vols for USC, and then he steals away one of the Titans coaches to be his offensive coordinator (a move that led to The Titans filing a lawsuit against him).  Apparently he's trying to compete with LeBron for "most hated man by a single fanbase"..

* The Cavs dealt Delonte West to the Timberwolves on Monday.. If they had made that move a few weeks ago, we probably would have seen a different outcome to "The Decision"!!  I mean, we all know LeBron left cuz Delonte boinked his mom, right?  lmao

Monday, July 26, 2010

Injuries Silencing the Tigers Roar

Watching the Tigers since the beginning of the 2010 season, one would be a little frustrated with the inconsistent starting pitching performances and the bats that too-often go silent in big moments. Of course, talented teams often find a way to win and avoid long losing skids; the Tigers have proved resilient enough to hang in the AL Central race all year thus far. First baseman Miguel Cabrera has been incredible since opening day; clearly the alcohol problem that led to GM Dave Dombrowski picking him up from jail during last season's final weekend is a thing of the past. Cabrera's numbers have been MVP-caliber, and rookie Brennan Boesch is a clear favorite to win the AL Rookie of the Year.

Still, injuries to key players in the past week have proven to be devastating. Starting third baseman Brandon Inge is out for at least the next month with a broken hand, and on Saturday both Magglio Ordonez (broken ankle) and Carlos Guillen (strained hamstring) suffered injuries that led to both players being placed on the DL. Thankfully for the Tigers, Guillen's injury doesn't seem serious and he should be back in a couple weeks. Ordonez's injury, on the other hand, is a huge blow to a team that has struggled since the all-star break. He is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks, and it's possible he's played his final game in a Tigers uniform. Considering that Ordonez has been performing way beyond expectations and hitting in the 3-hole protecting Miguel Cabrera, this injury has the potential to derail the Tigers' postseason aspirations altogether. has reported that the Tigers have an interest in Red Sox 3B Mike Lowell, and a deal to add him to the fold might replace some of the missing offense; but for a Detroit team that has mostly avoided the injury bug up until the past week, things are looking bleaker by the day as the White Sox and Twins keep up their winning ways.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day!

In celebration of the day of looooove, I'd like to wish everyone out there a happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all enjoy it and make it a great day for your significant others! ^_^